Combat Europe 387th Bomb Group

First Mission 09-05-44.
VE Day May 8th, 1945
French Airbases 9th Air Force Aircraft Missions Personel Misc post VE-Day
08-25-1944England to A-15 Cherbourge France
09-19-1944A-15 to A-39 Chatendun France
11-03-1944A-39 to A-71 Clastres France
05-01-1945A-71 to Y-44
05-28-1945Y-44 to B-87 Rosières-en-Santerre
06-11-1945B-87 to Chalgrove Englandin #857
with Maj.
06-11-1945Chalgrove England
to Matching Green England
06-12-1945Ongar (Matching Green)
to Chalgrove
06-12-1945Chalgrove England to B-87
06-27-1945B-87 to B-48 to B-87
(storm & landed at Amiens)
06-30-1945B-87 to A-93 to Liege
07-08-1945Neff Married
07-09-1945B-87 local
07-16-1945B-87 to Saarbrücken, Germany
07-21-1945B-87 to A-70
08-16-1945B-87 to Paris Beach
09-01-1945B-87 to Brussels
Pictures of
9th Air Force
(Mostly 387th BG)
B-26's flown by Jim Harris
B-26B s/n 41-31717
France B-87
B-17 s/n 43-38205
Dec 25th, 1944
Mar 18th, 1945

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