B-26B-20 Serial Number 41-31717 "Ollie L" KS-B
387th Bomb Group 557th Bomb Squadron

Date 07-09-1945
Aircraft from 557th Bomb Sqadron, 387th Bomb Group, 9th Air Force
Home Base Rosieres-en-Santerre, France B-87
Landing Accident, Location Rosieres-en-Santerre/B-87
Pilot Rinker, George C
8:30 PM

Name: Charles V. Hinton, pilot "Ollie-L"
BombGp: 387
Squadron: 557

I am the son of Charles Hinton, pilot of the "Ollie-L".
I just came across the following posting from 2000 and wonder if Steve is still looking for information.

Chuck Hinton
9:42:27 AM
I am Sgt. George Brienza's grandson. He was the crew chief on the "Ollie-L".
BombGp: 387th; Squadron: 557th; Years: 1942-1945; Location: European Theatre.
I'm looking for information or persons of the 557th Sq. "Keller's Killers". Steve Wood

1941031717, 41-31717 Martin B-26B-20-MA Marauder,
Fate: AAIR
Unit: 387BG557BS
Remarks: 387BG557BS (Chipping Ongar) - Tiger Tails
Name: Ollie L Completed 153 missions,

Email From Mary Ann Kelley I see you have this plane (Serial number 41-31717 B26 Marauder) listed on your site.
It was flown by my grandfather, Captain Charles V. Hinton, Sr. until June 1945 when he was transferred to the occupation forces in Berlin.
It crashed upon landing on July 9, 1945 by George Rinker.
I am attaching a photo for you.
I am curious how you are using the photos.
I see you mention skins and a game but I couldn't quite figure out what you are referring to - is it an online war game?
Warm regards,
Mary Ann Kelley

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