Major Mansel R. Campbell
Commanding Officer of the 556th Bomb Squadron (Feb 45 - )

(in front of B-26G-15-MA Serial Number 44-67906)
Major Campbell's Mission's (45+ out of 77?) were mostly flown in 41-31686 "Tabasco"
08-04-1944 Captain Campbell was at the controlls of Mah Ideel on it's last sortie.'s Mah Ideel
Maj. Campbell flew with with Jim Harris from France to England and back in Shootin' In (42-95857)
06-11-1945B-87 Rosieres-en-Santerre, France to Chalgrove England
06-11-1945Chalgrove England to Matching Green England
06-12-1945Ongar (Matching Green) England to Chalgrove England
06-12-1945Chalgrove England to B-87
Aviation Archaeology USAF Accident Reports for Mansel Campbell
Date Aircraft Type Serial Number Sqdn Group Home Base AF Action D Pilot Country US State Location
441028 B-26C 42-107719 556BS 387BG A71 9 TAC 3 Campbell, Mansel R FRA   Romilly
460520 C-45F 44-47570 B 4108AAFBU   AMC KCR 4 Campbell, Manuel R USA NY 40 Wall St NYC
Maj. Campbell later died while piloting a C-45 that got lost in the fog
20th of May in 1946 crash into the Bank of Manhattan tower at 40 Wall St. video of crash scene 40 Wall Street obituary

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