Mar 14, 1919
Dear Helen,
     News is a pretty scarse (sic) article these days but I
feel that I am compelled to drop you a few lines to help
assure my welcome home. But even for all my negligence I am
not going to take up a whole page and a half in an apology
as you did. Or maybe you did it to punish me for not
answering your last letter. Really Helen I hope you donít
blame me any more than I do you for I know that you have
your hands full and I certainly do appreciate your letters
when they came even if they are as you say rather far apart.
I guess we understand each other, donít we? You have no
doubt read my letter to Papa and know that we expect to
start for home around April the first. Now this is no mere
rumor it is according to a general order which was read to
us some time ago. Of course it may be changed but let us
hope not, for I have seen all I care to of Germany or any
other European country. At this time anyway. Of course in
years to come it would be nice to come back and get a car
and drive over the same roads over which I have driven my
truck and see some of the old sights. But that would be a
different matter if I am ever going to be able to do that I
must hurry back and get busy. This I surely intend to do if
not the day I get home, then shortly after. I am glad
Lawrenceís wife seems so nice, and I sure hope, as you say,
she may make a man of him. And I hope that Papa lives to see
it for I can realize now more than I ever could before what
his sons mean to him. And for my part I shall surely try to
make things easy for him for the rest of his life and hope
that some day I may have sons to do the same for me. That is
looking rather far ahead but why not we are all entitled to
     I had been in hopes of taking a fourteen day trip back
through France and seeing some of the sights but seemed to
be unable to get my pass so gave up the idea and donít know
but what I am better of (sic) for it.
     Well, Helen, it is getting late so I guess I had better
close. Give my love to everyone and tell Check he needs to
slake a big now we will be home soon.
     Love, Jim
PS Excuse these mistakes, but am trying to keep one word
ahead all the time.
Wag. Lewis J. Matthews
165th Field Hospital
117th Sanitary Train
American E.F. A.P.O. 715